The Bleach fanlisting was launched on February 7, 2022 ♥

The title March of the Death was inspired from chapter 315 of the manga, which was the prelude of the invasion of Karakura town. I loved that epic scene of the members of Gotei 13, led by the legendary 1st Division Captain Yamamoto Genryusai, facing off against Aizen and the Arrancars. I wanted a dark and heroic name for the fanlisting, and I love the rock and roll vibes from this title ♪

Version 1 King of the Kill features Ichigo, Rukia, and the elite captains of the Gotei 13 ♥ I would fangirl every time the captains made an entrance in the series, so of course I had to include all of them in the design X3 These captains are basically the rock stars of , so I wanted a cool and edgy design that showed them in all their blazing glory.


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